Based in Wasperton, Warwick, we are a small non intensive farm producing and selling our own meat and produce. We are a young family, passionate about agriculture and the countryside. We are a traditional farm enterprise as opposed to large factory farming. We aim to deliver affordable quality meat, all our livestock is grass fed, free range and farm assured. By running a small farm shop selling our own produce, we are cutting out the middle man and making our farm a more viable business.


food hygiene rating: 5 very good.

Although we are not certified organic, we give our animals the most natural lifestyle and feed as much as we possibly can. All our meat is grass fed, all our poultry is free range and we do not use any artificial fertilisers on the land. We also do not over stock the land so therefore the animals conditions are not crowded and also they have a plentiful diet without the use of substitute feeding. Quality not quantity is important in maintaining a healthy diet.